Serge & Alexa Chastain

"It was like something out of a movie."


Serge and Alexa met on a train while traveling from Paris to Luxembourg, so the couple wanted their wedding to reflect their beginnings.


Wedding Planner transformed a historic train station into a sultry club car, complete with vintage cocktails and romantic lighting.


“The setting Wedding Planner created for our wedding was so real it felt like we were stepping back into old Hollywood. Our friends still talk about it!"

Norica Nembhard


Norica is with the company for 2 years, and she has made tremendous contributions.

Beverly Johnson 

Co-Owner and Assistant Manager

Beverly is known for her brilliant smile and problem solving skills. She will stop at nothing to make your day a success. 

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Wedding and event Planner will follow you anywhere. The team has orchestrated weddings across the country, from Lincourt Vineyard in Santa Barbara to Miami’s EPIC Hotel.

Asheima Lormon 

Asheima has been with the company for over 8 years. Her experience as a corporate event planner makes her the ideal choice for large business events.

Turf Valley Resort

Since opening, Wedding Planner has designed and executed more than 400 weddings, from small family affairs to 500-guest events.

              Joyce Parris


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At Elegant Decorating and Rental. Joyce is known for her outstanding personality, customer service and organization.


Elegant Decorations & Rental  is a full-service event planning company. We take care of all your events needs. We travel with you to your location to make you special day a blast. We offer our services because Wedding Planner has become known for larger-than-life theme weddings and events that transport participants away from their everyday lives.

We started since 2004 and have been expanding to serve you better. We rant equipment for those who like to do it themselves. 

Our professionals draw on the finest local sources of furniture, lighting and accessories to transform hotel ballrooms, urban parks, rustic lodges and sandy beaches into magical settings.

Newton White Mansion

Elegant Decorations & Rental 

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10113 Bell Inn 

Ellicott City, MD 21042

Some Venues to consider

 Elegant Decorations & Rental LLC Professionals

Elegant Decorations & Rental LLC. is a full service company.

When we say Elegant we mean Red Carpet service to enhance your event. 

​We rent all equipment for your convenience,if you chose to do it yourself. 

Historic Oakland


Grand Lodge of Baltimore